RincoPlus40 Decorative Corner Hinges

Give your spaces a cohesive, contemporary style with RincoPlus40 decorative corner hinges. The hinges allow full & easy access to corner cabinet space, combined with a sleek decorative panel that perfectly complements Syma profile handles.

RincoPlus40 takes up exactly 40mm in 90° corners, regardless of door thickness, and can be combined or cut up to 90mm on the top and bottom to fit to size. Assembly is quick and easy, requiring no additional hinge boring. Watch the assembly videos below to learn more!

Moldings are included to cover the gap between the decorative panel and profile handles, providing a continuous, uniform look. Additional  accessories include hinge cover caps, a unit connector and a roller catch to keep the door aligned. Decorative panels are available in four different finishes to match Syma profile handles, or can be customized by inserting a flat decorative sheet.

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Full Access to Storage Space
The hinges allow full and easy access to corner cabinet storage space. Open one door or both for full access. 
Quick Assembly
RincoPlus40 takes up 40mm in 90° corners, regardless of door thickness. No additional hinge boring of the door front is required.
Multiple Finishes

Matte Silver

Matte Champagne

Matte Black

Anthracite Grey

Gloss White

Customizable Finish
Customize the finish by inserting a flat decorative sheet (width = 31mm, thickness = 0.4mm - 2mm).
Multiple Accessories Included
Accessories include catches (left), moldings and hinge cover caps (middle), and unit connectors (right).
Assembly & Customization