Tavenia Sorto Drawer Accessories

Tavinea is a new premium line of drawer accessories designed for 500/550mm length Vionaro drawer boxes. Items include cutlery and utility trays, drawer dividers, knife blocks and spice racks.

Product Features

• Trays and dividers are made from durable, high quality powder coated steel.
• Trays and dividers finished in silver-grey or graphite, knife blocks and spice   racks finished in light ash or dark ash, coordinating with Vionaro.
• Non-slip accessory bases ensure firm seating on drawer bottom panel.
• Highly customizable - mix and match accessories to create a highly functional     drawer.

Item No.Item TypeFinish Application DepthWidth Min. Opening
F007130136201Cutlery TraySilver-Grey Vionaro 500mm 472mm276mm300mm
F007130139201Cutlery TraySilver-Grey Vionaro 550mm 523mm276mm300mm
F007130137201Cutlery TrayGraphite Vionaro 500mm 472mm276mm300mm
F007130140201Cutlery TrayGraphite Vionaro 550mm 523mm276mm300mm
F007130157201Utility TraySilver-Grey Vionaro 500mm 472mm186mm200mm
F007130160201Utility TraySilver-Grey Vionaro 550mm 523mm186mm200mm
F007130158201Utility TrayGraphite Vionaro 500mm 472mm186mm200mm
F007130161201Utility TrayGraphite Vionaro 550mm 523mm186mm200mm
F007130178207Drawer DividerSilver-Grey Vionaro 500mm 472mm 6mm -
F007130181207Drawer DividerSilver-Grey Vionaro 550mm 523mm6mm -
F007130179207Drawer DividerGraphite Vionaro 500mm 472mm6mm -
F007130182207Drawer DividerGraphite Vionaro 550mm 523mm6mm -
F007102418201Knife BlockLight Ash Vionaro 500mm 472mm6mm -
F007102418201 + F007108659201Knife BlockLight Ash Vionaro 550mm 523mm186mm200mm
F007102424201 Knife Block Dark Ash Vionaro 500mm 472mm 186mm 200mm
F007102424201 + F007108660201 Knife Block Dark Ash Vionaro 550mm 523mm 186mm 200mm
F007102420201 Spice Rack Light Ash Vionaro 500mm 472mm 186mm 200mm
F007102420201 + F007108659201 Spice Rack Light Ash Vionaro 550mm 523mm 186mm 200mm
F007102426201Spice RackDark Ash Vionaro 500mm 472mm186mm200mm
F007102426201 + F007108660201Spice RackDark Ash Vionaro 550mm 523mm186mm200mm

* Knife blocks and spice racks for Vionaro 550mm must be purchased with a leveller

Technical Information